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Security is essential to building strong customer relationships and to providing satisfying customer service experiences. Protect your customers’ personal information and your business with E-Asia Tech Solutions, a PCI Compliant Call Center.

E-Asia Tech Solutions offers the following PCI Compliant Call Center Services:

  • PCI Compliance Technology
  • PCI Compliance Training
  • PCI Compliance Requirements

What is PCI Compliance?

To keep sensitive credit and debit card data secure, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) requires that companies follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Retail sales as well as other payment and verification transactions can include credit card holder names, primary account numbers, expiration dates, verification codes and/or CID/CVV/CAV2/CVC2 information that are all considered sensitive personal identifying information. The PCI DSS aim to protect consumers from theft of personal information and prevent fraud related to data theft.

All organizations handling credit and debit card information are required by the PCI SSC to follow its data security standards. If your company needs to receive, transmit or store any credit card related information, whether in small or large amounts, it is important that you work with a PCI Compliant call center to avoid violations of the industry security and privacy requirements.

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